district office manual of andhra pradesh

They should take action immediately if the letter received is new The letter received will be kept in the current file.e.
The staff member who receives these letters should register them at once in their Personal Register.
The special register will have details of important references 1982 yamaha xt 125 cdi marked as Special by Head of Office and to be dealt with separately.
This manual, a public document, published.Tidiness and cleanliness of Office.1, general public are unaware of the office procedure followed in Government offices and this leads to friction, heartburns, frustration and disappointment.The manual says that it is the duty of Head of office to see that every member in his office knows and understands the rules, keeps his copy of them corrected, updated and hand it over to his successor on leaving office.There are different kinds of disposals in government system.The purpose for which leave is required must be stated definitely.The plea of ignorance will never be accepted as an excuse for disobeying them.They must attend to their work and not waste the time.Stationery and records must be put away tidily in the shelves, are not left lying on the tables and on the top of the shelves exposed to dust.Dis it means, it has to be kept for three years and later it can be destroyed.They must, of course, not accept any presents or remuneration from any visitor or party nor lay themselves under obligation to such persons in any other way.Along with the original letters received.(Corrected to include latest orders ) on all weekdays except recognized holidays.
They are particularly warned against heinous offence of divulging to outsider any information that may have come to their knowledge in their official capacity.
The first part deals with attendance, general discipline, organisation of Office, the office system, how letters received to be accounted for in the Office, etc.