digital photography trends 2013

Moving lens elements in Nokia's Lumia phones, the HTC One, LG G2 and Google Nexus 5 keep things steady when the shutter speeds get slow or when shooting video.
I do really see virtual reality being a much bigger deal, Wendle said.
This is a classic case of The Innovators Dilemma, said Bradley Lautenbach, the senior vice president of marketing and product design at Light, a company thats created a computational camera, the L16, that uses 16 cameras and software to deliver dslr-like performance in a compact unit.
It was all about how sleek and sexy you can get these things - they were fashion accessories.If the business side of a photo company is ignored for too long, people tend to start dropping off and closing their doors after two years.While some of those features are genuinely useful others are firmly based in the gimmick camp.What happened to the camera industry is a story applicable to any technology company.I honestly think that smartphones are going to go obsolete pretty soon too, that theres going to be disruption again for this giant industry, Peterson said.But soon it won't only be Windows Phone users who can play with their images in Adobe ACR or other Raw editors Google also announced the implementation of RAW capturing capabilities in future versions of Android.Olympus ran ads that poked fun of smartphone cameras; m still redirects to its website.The smartphone is extremely automatic, but it doesnt see the light the way human eye sees light The PowerShot N was the Instagram camera that you took one picture and it shot six random filters, Peterson said.Packages can get more robust with different add-ons, but most portrait photographers try to keep it simple so clients arent overwhelmed by too many options.And when the shift occurred, it happened fast.Its 31-pages packed with dos and donts on how to target a new audience and showcase your unique brand.HTC One, LG G2 and, google Nexus 5, jumping on the bandwagon.Instead, camera companies are marketing different types of point-and-shoots - ones that offer something unique that smartphones cant.I can share images from their session in a relaxed environment while giving clients the ability to see the types of prints and artwork available to them in person, adds Niall David.Casual shutterbugs were embracing the smartphone as their everyday camera, eschewing bulkier stand-alone options.Sonys sensor technology is one reason why todays premium smartphones can deliver the type of image quality once associated only with digital cameras.The camera industry is feeling it even more this year - a lot of their profit margin was with point-and-shoot cameras, which its not now.Jennifer Chaney on Facebook, kara Lamm awaken meg cabot epub says that if used well (i.e.The purpose of including at least one specialty print in the base package is to entice clients to buy more prints otherwise the images often end up sitting in the online gallery or DVD and never seeing the light of day.
Photo by Jennifer Chaney, more and more portrait photographers are also turning to free online advertising.e.