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This is because even though Siebel runs inside a web Browser, QTP will not identify the finaldata enterprise 2.0 serial number Browser properly but rather identify it as a normal native window.
Object Repository in read only or shared mode.
Execute the above code and you will get a result like: How does Description object work?
Note the property-value pairs used by QTP to identify the object.Interestingly enough, one of the things also driving this interest was that I was thrust into a situation where I was iethe automation expert, even though everyone above and around me knew that I knew aboutas much about the topic as they did.W ie ev Pr Figure.2 Sample Temperature Web Service The snapshot below is the output from invoking the WebMethod: ok Bo Figure.3 Sample WebMethod Input and Output292 m/store/.For example: Set descImage eate descImage html tag.value "IMG" descImage image type.value "Image Link when we pass Description object to ChildObjects QTP function, it returns the collection of child objects contained within the object (Page Google Book Search and matched to Description object.IeAll through my reading I felt that QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged is one of thesebooks which make you think: I wish I had this reference available in my last project.Ok QTP is only able to identify the top level window and nothing inside the window.Using string-based DP meansusing less memory and shorter code, while using object-based DP means higher memoryand lengthier code but less maintenance in scripts.1 Introduction to Objects m/store/ w ie ev Pr ok Bo Figure.8 - DLLs loaded into Internet Explorer with QTP open The SAP add-in uses SAP Scripting GUI and therefore a SAP GUI application will 9m/store/.After reading this book, I hope you will come to the same conclusion.Let us know your thoughts about this using the comments section.IeI would also like to thanks my family members who have always been there to support me evduring the writing process and even after publication.He is one.There are several images on a web page.Parse response to verify expected versus actual e process of sending a request and receiving a response is shown below: 287m/store/.Actually micclass is an implicit property which is taken automatically since QTP assumes that based on the test object type being referenced.If the name value above was username786 and you wanted the last three digits as a regular expression, you could write the same statement as oDesc(name).value userNameddd If you wish to turn off regular expression property for a particular property you can use oDesc(name).RegularExpression False.W ie the utmost importance to understand how to work around the features of the tool and to consider the options available to overcome the issue.On the Same Page: Suppose we have 15 textboxes on a web page and there names are in the form txt_1, txt_2, txt_3 and.401 ok add-in 402 403.In talking to them, it quickly became apparent that they wanted ev to share what theyve learned about this tool and its inner workings with their peers.ODesc(type).value text oDesc(name).value userName oDesc(html tag).value input The statement above would look like this when written using this approach.
Also, I'm going to explain QTP Descriptive Programming concepts.