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If you're using PhotoShop, make sure you only have one layer when you export, and that this layer has an alpha channel (you can add channels in the channels tab).
I use Testors paper and for now a HP photo printer to print them.
The default single player commands mod for mac settings should work (as long as your.tga has an alpha channel).That way it will stay ;p.(ez jet water cannon) :.I am using generic refill ink to refill the carts in the printer.This will also allow you to generate larger animated textures because it uses less memory.Help And Download Decal Converter.3 Full cal Creation Description and make WAD File For Spray logo For Counter-Strike.6 (please.My recommended spray settings are: Normal Format: DXT1 - This is a compressed RGB format that vtfedit will use if your texture doesn't have an alpha channel.I can import /place clip art and photos and use the "Insert shape" function to make stripes for some recent civil aircraft builds.Alpha Format: DXT5 or DXT3 - This is a compressed rgba format that vtfedit will use if your texture has an alpha channel.8y, posted by kevintaing, works, but when i spray again after i quit cs it changes back to my default.(orange splat) right click the file containing ur new spray and and in properies, mark the read-only option and press okey.T (Spray Logo) ( ) Decal Converter.( ).Sprays look best when you don't use mipmaps because they aren't LOD scaled.If vtfedit is not generating an alpha channel then your.tga doesn't have an alpha channel.Blog Archive05/15 - 05/22 (4)12/06 - 12/13 (3)10/13 - 10/20 (2)07/21 - 07/28 (1)07/07 - 07/14 (1)07/15 - 07/22 (2)07/08 - 07/15 (1)06/24 - 07/01 (1)06/17 - 06/24 (1)05/13 - 05/20 (1)02/19 - 02/26 (1)11/13 - 11/20 (2)11/06 - 11/13 (3)10/16 - 10/23 (2)09/04.See ReadMe Help Download Decal Converter.3 Click continue ).You're alpha channel is only there so your spray can be non-square - so its 0 or 255).Use DXT5 if your alpha channel is smooth or DXT3 if your alpha channel is sharp (i.e.85 86 decal Converter.I have started exploring the graphics editing features in M Word2010 for making decals.
I have also used an Epson printer successfully with the Testors paper and clear coat.