cpu utilization monitor process nodemgr consumes

Resolution, the following command outputs can help in diagnosing the source of the multicast streams that are generating the traffic: show ipstats shows statistics for all packets that have been handled by the CPU.
Mcast Pks count for, iN traffic will further narrow down the source of the problem Router Interface pri-servoip-campus inet netmask broadcast Stats: IN OUT Mcast pkts Bcast pkts 0 0 errors 0 0 discards 0 unknown protos debug hal show congestion shows how many packets.The counters are different aspects of how your PC works and are grouped by similarity into groups called "Performance Object".Scroll the list using the arrow keys!When a device begins to show the following log entries: 07/17/2015 09:52:28.74 Warn:EPM. If the. These could be Multicast reports from devices using particular multicast.Kill a process without leaving and without taking note of the PID!This has been fixed in the following exos Releases: -patch1-1 and later and later, a temporary workaround is to reboot the switch.Environment, eXOS versions.4.x prior to -patch1-1, eXOS versions.5.x prior.Just type perfmon into Start Run and press enter.Privacy Policy, terms of Service, hCC Guidelines, hCC FAQs, hCC Privacy Policy, privacy Policy, terms of Service Hortonworks Inc.You then can see these counters in real time.Environment, summit, blackdiamond, cause, excess multicast streams are being handled by the CPU.Title, process mcmgr consumes high CPU, symptoms.Congestion information for slot 2 type X460-48t since last query No switch fabric and CPU congestion present.To game adelantado trilogy book two do this, select "Performance Logs and Alerts" in the left-hand panel.You can also specify the utility to save the performance data for your inspection later.Display a single process: htop -p PID.