cool effects on photoshop cs4

Download Pixel Bender from this Adobe Labs location: CS5: Advanced Pixel Bender Painting Episode # CS5_018 Posted 07/10/10 Discover some of my favorite advanced techniques for working with the new Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-in and Adobe Photoshop CS5.
CS6: Editing 32 Bit Images with Adobe Camera Raw.
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These brushes work best with a Wacom tablet.The time-lapse images used in this demo are courtesy of Kevin Cole Photography.With Select Similar Posted 8/12/09 For Adobe Photoshop CS4 View QuickTime tutorial Text in Perspective with Vanishing Point Posted 8/12/09 For Adobe Photoshop CS4 View QuickTime tutorial Convert to Smart Objects Posted 8/12/09 For Adobe Photoshop CS4 View QuickTime tutorial Advanced CS3 Masking with Monsters!Macintosh Production Techniques Adobe Photoshop CS3 View QuickTime tutorial;.6 MB Download the Action used in this tutorial Video Edit n ZIP; 4 KB Software and hardware links Plantronics DSP-400 headset m m SnapZ Pro Screen Capture Software m iShowU Screen Capture Software inywhitebox Sorensen.Brown says, This new feature is amazing!Adobe Photoshop CS3 View QuickTime tutorial; 9 MB Sample files used in the monster tutorials: Monsters; 600 KB CS3: Clipping Mask Monsters Posted 05/08/08 Discover the magic of clipping masks and how mac keygen lightroom 4 you can create complex masks with this simple technique.Also learn how to adjust the opacity of multiple selected layers.Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials, cS6: Light Painting and Animation, discover some basic techniques for light painting at night with a single flashlight or torch.Randy Jay Braun Photography John Warner Photography CS5: Advanced HDR Pro - Part 2 Episode # CS5_009 Posted 04/29/10 Learn some advanced techniques for toning images with the new HDR Pro tools in Photoshop CS5.For Adobe Photoshop CS4 View QuickTime tutorial;.4 MB B W Action Download Action file; 4 KB CS4: Creative Camera Raw Techniques - Part Two Posted 5/08/09 Dylan Maddux shares another of his images for this advanced Camera Raw technique that helps to enhance images.For best results,.For Photoshop CS4 Extended only View QuickTime tutorial;.5 MB CS4 Extended: 3D Mesh from Gray scale Posted 9/23/08 Bring 2D images back to life with this new Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended technique for converting gray scale images into 3D objects.CS5: Drought-Tolerant Grass Episode # CS5_022 Posted 10/29/10 Discover this quick and nondestructive method that can change the color of grass with the help of a Hue Blend Mode setting.This Macintosh tutorial demonstrates some of the hardware and software that is used to create the tutorials that you see on this site.Adobe Photoshop CS3 View QuickTime tutorial; 9 MB CS3: The Adobe Camera Raw Luminosity Technique Posted Delve into the powerful realm of Adobe Camera Raw and learn new techniques for enhancing images with the luminosity controls.Adobe Photoshop CS5 Standard Edition Tutorials.Adobe Photoshop CS3 View QuickTime tutorial; 14 MB iStock video used in this tutorial: Jazz Glitter 2111668) CS3 Extended: Synchronizing Animated Images and Sound - Part 2 Posted 3/27/2007 Discover how to paint on video frames and create a simple fade-to-black effect.Use the supplied images and follow along with this tutorial.This will all be done using the amazing Liquify filter and a few special tips and techniques.