clarity timesheet approval process

We are not looking to hk ghost 3.0 knife automatically approve every submitted timesheet, but rather only those timesheets that remain submitted but not approved at the end of our fiscal period (once every 4 weeks).
The statuses of the time and expense entries within the timesheet undergoing the approval process can also be changed automatically once an approval process status is applied by an employee or manager.
Being able to record my timesheets and expenses and bill them to my clients is also an added plus.
Separate submissions of employee timesheets and expense sheets.Data Clarity are also a Derby based business, and I have always received a first class service, the team are always quick to respond to any query with positive comments and outcomes." - Education Performance Solutions.Timesheet due and overdue dates are also customized depending on the end of the employee reporting period, so approval process status notifications can be sent accordingly.Read more, improved the level of service we offer #3.Most organizations that implement Office Timesheets will find that the approval process is essential to its purpose, as it is driven by employee reporting periods and timesheet tracking.Office Timesheets has a diverse base of customers ranging from crack pro cycling manager 2008 small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) to Fortune 500 companies with installations in every major continent throughout the world.The current status of a timesheet can also be communicated to both the manager and the employee, so everyone stays on the same page.Offers flexibility in the licencing "We chose Clarity365 because of the flexibility offered in the licencing - I pay monthly for a set number of users, and I can increase that quickly at a low cost if I need.Generating a notification is not necessarily a requirement.Here are just some of the great features you will find in the Office Timesheets approval process function: Approval processes are driven by employee reporting periods, which means employees do not have to submit their timesheets all in the same reporting cycle.The steps can also be limited in availability to the employees and/or employee managers.Record, Claim Approve, submit and claim on-the-go from your mobile, thanks to our cloud based software.Section 4, mobile, go Mobile, add, submit approve time, expenses absence from your smartphone or tablet.Please sign in to leave a comment.Office Timesheets allows for separate submissions of employee timesheets and expense sheets to expand your options with the approval process.Post 2 followers, is it possible build such a configuration where PM of project chooses the Approver of timesheet for submission?Read more, invoices are emailed straight to my clients #3.Up to 15 fully customizable steps to define your approval process to adapt to your companys policies and procedures.No one else had this question.During the implementation, I felt I relied heavily on the support team, but they were brilliant and ensured a smooth transition." - Ford Stanley.This allows for premium flexibility between employees, because the approval process sequence is dependent on when the employee reporting period occurs for the employees assigned to that reporting period.