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The collapse of the first of the Twin Towers does not seem to have caused any serious damage to Tower Seven, but the second collapse of the 1,368ft (417m) North Tower threw debris at Tower Seven, just 350ft (106m) away.
"What we found was that uncontrolled building fires-similar to fires experienced in other tall buildings-caused an extraordinary event, the collapse of WTC7." The unprecedented nature of the event means that understanding the precise mechanism of the collapse is important not just to answer conspiracy theorists'.
This means that, given the foregoing assumptions, heating and weakening of the structural framing would have been constrained to the immediate vicinity of the burning aircraft.These uncontrolled fires in WTC 7 eventually spread to the northeast part of the building, where the collapse began.Unlike the twin towers, Tower Seven was not hit by a plane.Though the entirety of the collapse is not shown in the video, it does show how there is legitimacy to the explanation provided by the government's 9/11 Commission investigation.In the video, viewers can see the glowing flames on what appears to be the sixth floor of the building, and as the camera zooms in, you can even see the metal bars of the exterior buckling.Whereas the Twin Towers exploded, building 7 imploded in a manner aplikasi winutilities undelete 3.1 indistinguishable from conventional building demolitions.With no steel from Tower 7 to study, investigators have instead made four extremely complex computer models worked out to the finest detail.Building 7 occupied a block to the north of the World Trade Center Plaza.At points, the news reporter seems clearly aghast, saying 'It's a surreal environment' and 'It's almost impossible to describe'.Conspiracy theorists take issue with that account, believing instead that the government was involved in the placement of explosive devices throughout the New York buildings, and even go so far to say that the incident at the Pentagon was caused by a missile rather than.Los Angeles Times reported that "substantial files were destroyed" for 3000 to 4000 of the SEC's cases.The largest tenant of the 47-story building was the bank Salomon Smith Barney, but there were also offices of the CIA, the Department of Defence, utility company ConEd, and the Internal Revenue Service.
"Building Seven is the smoking gun of 9/11.