change workgroup server 2003

Other servers in the domain do see the workgroup and server via Windows Explorer in addition to net view and net use commands.
You might not have permission to use this network resource." Other computers and servers are able to browse just fine. If I "net view domain_controller" I get the correct information. If I "net view /domain:domain_name" I get "System error 87 has occurred".Directory to reference the real IP address and bypass any DNS entries.I can access server internally by remote desktop connection using :3390 (server is on static.220 and has port 3390 in registry) by enabling the remote option in system properties.Question: What if I'm changing a Windows workgroup with Oracle to move the Windows server to a new site with new IP and DNS settings?Ora file in the. Reset TCP/IP stack with no change.Question: I want to change the domain name for my Oracle server. .Need specific help on what to setup, links are ok to other sites, but that's not really helping. It has been working for awhile then it just stopped.What are some tips to avoid the "ORA-01034: oracle not available" error?Laptops 2,502 discussions, hardware 18,846 discussions, networks 41,281 discussions, storage 1,995 discussions.I have just installed a server 2012 Standard server acting as a file server in a Workgroup for 6 PC's.Ora file, changing the IP address from the DNS file (i.e. I tried resetting Netbios over TCP/IP settings to see if that made a change.There is no AD services or and Remote services installed at this time.Ora file and listener.
If I go to Entire Network cbr to pdf converterware in Windows Explorer and try browsing the domain I get "domain_name is not accessible.