bo2 buried raygun mark 2 pack a punch

Edit, ray Gun Mark II, porter's Mark II Ray Gun, damage headshot 4,600 100,000 headshot Fire mode 3 round burst 3 round burst Magazine size 21 42 Max ammo Reload.98s.98s Mobility High High Extras Doubled magazine size, more reserve ammo, damage is filemaker pro 11 para mac doubled.
Ray Gun Mark 2, the Ray Gun Mark II is a fully automatic (3 burst) version of the Ray Gun that nhac audition hay nhat nam 2013 fires lazer shots in rapid succession.
Black Ops II Edit In all maps except Buried and Borough, only one player can obtain the weapon.
Overall damage is doubled as well.The prongs electrifying when shooting the Ray Gun Mark.The Porter's Mark II Ray Gun iron sights.The Ray Gun Mark II's shots can also penetrate through multiple zombies at once, whereas the original Ray Gun's shots stop upon contact.Add a photo to this gallery General Edit In first-person, the weapon is held like a submachine gun, but in third-person, it is held like a pistol.Black Ops III Edit When firing, a thin bolt of green (red if Pack-A-Punched) electricity forms between two prongs extending from the back of the weapon, just above the clip.They both use the same "cold cell" ammunition, however.A new update for Black Ops 2 zombies has been released by Treyarch (27th June).Aiming down the sight of the Ray Gun Mark.The Ray Gun Mark II being prepared for use.The magazine size of the weapon is 21 rounds and there are 162 in reserve.Though its damage will become futile in the early to mid 80's as they will take 4 bursts in head.
This is enough to kill with one headshot until round 58, and one burst will kill until round.
It should be noted that the Ray Gun Mark II has remarkable headshot damage, which is nearly.7x damage multiplier when a shot hits the head.