binding of isaac cheat engine mac

Changes: The Held cards/pills were offset by 40 bytes(?) (5 clicks to the right on obscure 2 wii iso the old final pointer offsets) from before the update.
Updated Cards, Pills, and Item lists.
I also added a little script to Display the Game Version.
Cactus, run-ender, or both?I'm not quite done yet (some misc scripts missing but almost.Added the "Friends till the end!" pill to the used pills section.Notes (table1 I updated the script found in this thread to fix cards/pills being broken after the 22/01/16 update to Afterbirth.Fixed table for Afterbirth version.06.0060, now includes full secrets list including the new character, added the missing trinkets and new item pickup Mega Blast.The used pills were offset by 64 bytes(?) (8 clicks to the right on the old final pointer offsets) from before the update.Pick an item on Selected Item and set the number of collected items below.The Table Extras photoshop for web design lynda com will tell you which game version the table was made for).Fixed table for Afterbirth version.06.0067, fixed Greed Donation script again, added Deep Pockets (id 416) to the item lists, added a No Damage script and (less exciting) a script that allows you to load old GameStates.Also fixed the bug in the Get Angel Room script, and corrected an oversight in the Stores Restock script that would make it only restock consumables, not items.My Fourth of July Fireworks Run 3 4 comments, what does the name "The Binding of Isaac" mean?