battlefield 2142 single player mod

AI has become challenging opponent for player.
EU starts on the small island with aircraft ( ticket setup is the same for both and will probably need to be touch mouse server for mac adjusted 32 mode is with most flags uncapped.
Make sure that you're connected to the Internet and use your on-line account in order to access the customization screen.Operation Blue Pearl only has infantry and aircraft on one side.Note: Mod requires.50 patch.Enabled and restricted bot's use of defibrulators.Adding more BF2142 SP Custom maps.If Automated Vehicle Gunner positions are enabled, it will not be possible to take over that position.Known Issues - Bad tree textures at a distance for snow covered pines.The aircraft placement could use some adjustment.Description: A single player mod for 2142.There are 2 updated maps, and improved AI - I've been on them non-stop, and i must say they are awesome.Camp Gibraltar 32 Alpha.0 started by noop, done by PC_Load_Letter.Navmesh test for Wake 2142 added.The Original and booster pack maps should all have commander strikes eanbled.Version.5.3 Changelog - Mod customizer to enable/disable autmatic vehicle gunner positions and commander strikes.It uses the free included 7za zipping tool.BattleField 2142 Single Player MiniMod consideration the issues you guys had and bring out.2.If you want an insane experience with the help of an automatic vehicle gunner without having to wait for a bot, (especially helpful in aircraft then activate.Some weapons and vehicle tweaks have been included, see list below.
I will make a hotfix for that.
Only the menu music isn't right yet.