autodesk 3ds max design 2009 tutorials

Creating A New World, this tutorial is intended for those artists who are going to place a planet on the foreground of their new artwork.
Model Fat Monster Gordo A video tutorial shows how deer hunter 4 game to model a fat monster-Gordo step by step.Cool Looking Neon Sign This tutorial will show you how to model and texture to get a really cool looking neon sign which could be used in a veriety of ways.Texturing a Human Face In this 2 hour, multi-part video tutorial, you will follow professional Game artist and teacher, Dan Cox, as he gives insight into his own thought process and workflow of how to go about unwrapping and texturing an existing human face.3D Character Designers 10 minutes tutorial for 3d Character Designers explaining the complex unwrapping and designing of pixel strech free uv maps for textre-baking Model, Sculpt and Texture a Demon-like Monster This is a multi-part tutorial on creating a Demon-like Lok Warrior with realistic muscle.Creating Realistic Rocks This tutorial shows a way to create very realistic looking rocks that can be rendered far away or for very detailed work.Smart asset packaging: Create, share, and update portable assets that are flexible, connected, and react to changes in design data.Realistic Metal Materials, this tutorial will explain how to make 3 realistic metal materials (steel, gold and chrome) without using any additional plug-ins.This one takes a little bit of time but it is worth the end effect.Trendy Crystal This tutorials will show you how to get a really cool glass-crystal effect.Create a Beautiful Sunset Scene In this tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful sunset over a calm sea using DreamScape and 3dsmax.All Versions.3 out of 3 votes 5 star hide ip ng full 2 4 star 0 3 star 1 2 star 0 1 star 0, my rating 0 stars 0 Write review Report Offensive Content If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the cnet's Site Terms.You will learn how to fill it with water, ice.There are countless ways that 3DS Max can be used and fortunately there is plenty of useful 3DS Max tutorials out there to enable artists and designers to more quickly ramp up for production.Making of Bed, a tutorial for beginners to make a bed.Chair Modeling Spline Technique, this is a basic tutorial of the Florence Design Academy to understand how to use the splines effectively in the field of Interior/Furniture Design.(This tutorial was made in Max 8).Creating HighPoly Beretta This tutorial will show on how to create a high poly weapon in 3d max.Create Sea Anemones using Hair and Fur This tutorial is dedicated to the use of hair fur in 3ds max, a modifier that grows hair and fur over any object.
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