autocad 3ds max tutorials

Standard mapped materials - Procedural Maps Procedural maps use computer generated effects and are applied to materials for many different purposes.
Stage 10: Add Play Equipment, Vehicles and People Finally, Quickscape Model Objects dialog is used to add play equipment, cars and vans and Quickscape Image Objects dialog is used to add people.This tutorial discusses the issues.Stage 8: Assign Materials and Sky background When surface and edge modelling has been completed and the lighting has been setup correctly, materials can then be assigned to surfaces and edges.Surfaces, the first and perhaps most crucial stage in creating a 3D landscape scene is the creation of accurate and seamless surfaces.This type of material is used when you need to assign different materials to different parts of an object and is used in infrastructure and environment projects mainly ipad user guide ebook for objects such as benches, tables, lamposts, buildings etc.Develop a good strategy for naming, selecting, grouping and displaying objects before embarking on a project.The tutorials are divided into categories and each category forms a self-contained module with sample data for you to download so that you can follow the tutorials.Working with Objects, options for Creating Objects.This tutorial covers the basics.MAX offers a host of transformation tools to do these tasks.This stage describes the process for creating houses (including roofs fences and road lines.Multi/Sub-Object materials A Multi/Sub-Object material is a container for a number of sub-materials.This tutorial discusses the various ways you can make your modelling work more efficient.Sky Backgrounds Putting a scene into an "environment" is important, not least to generate a feeling of "outdoors a "sense of place" or mood.This tutorial shows you the way.Standard mapped materials - Image Maps Image maps are applied to materials for many different purposes.