auto forward email rule outlook 2010

Step # 2 - Starting to Create the Forwarding Rule.
5 Select the appropriate check boxes.
If you have more than one email account in your Outlook profile, click the Inbox in the Apply changes to this folder list to which you want the rule to apply.Step # 4 - Testing the Forwarding Rule.7 Check the rule.Step # 1 - Accessing Rules Alerts.Click Check messages when they arrive.This is under Step 1: Select when messages should haegemonia the solon heritage 2.01 trainer be checked.If you have more than one e-mail account in your Outlook e-mail profile, then in the Apply changes to this folder list click the Inbox to which you want the new rule to apply.Under Start from a blank rule, click Check messages when they arrive, and then click Next.Click OK and then click Next twice.Under Step 1: Select action(s), select the forward it to people or distribution list check box.If using Exchange/mapi to forward to external E-mail addresses, there is a setting in the Exchange server that can prevent this and you may have to talk to your admins to allow any forwarding.You will get a message that says.Contact your IT department to see if they can stop the forwarding.Now check the option "forward it to people or public group" and click the blue link at the bottom which reads "people or public group".
Click people or distribution list under Step 2: Edit the rule description.
Make sure you are in the "Home" tab then click on the "Rules" icon then "Manage Rules Alerts".