australian house building manual

Brick Veneer Ties, brick Veneer Soffits Joinery, brick Veneer with Brick Gables.
Tongue and groove flooring, door, window and cladding installation, wall frame assembly, levelling and bracing, several forms of roof construction, and most aspects of interior detailing - including building staircases - are just some of the specific issues detailed with step-by-step instructions.Brick Veneer Footing Slab Edge Details.Concrete Footings/SIab Floors, siting the House, cut Fill Sites Slab Floors.Typical Construction Methods, the four Main Building Systems, the Timber or Steel Frame House.All round it's quite a hefty package.Allan Staines - author of several Australian home improvement, building and renovation manuals - has released a new title, The Australian House Building Manual.Installing Joinery into Cavity Brick, cavity asme y14 5m font Brick with Dissimilar Internal Leaves.Tables are employed to display information such as spacing of piers, bracing, stair tread spans and other construction requirements where the types or dimensions of materials employed are interdependant on other elements.Illustrations: Black White, units of Measurement: Metric, contents.The text serves mainly to highlight particular details in the drawings.The book relies heavily on cross-sectional drawings; in fact, every page has more than one.Each method is described in step-by-step detail, with illustrations.The book relies heavily on the instructive value of drawings, and is an excellent visual reference.It covers concrete footings/slab floors, timber floors and sub floors, wall framing, roof construction, finishing and miscellaneous issues.