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Downloads and Video Playthroughs Videos : Playlist Downloads : Official Mediafire Official Website Aka Oni Aka Oni is haegemonia the solon heritage 2.01 trainer a Korean fan-made game featuring four school friends, one of whom is a character from Crom Oni and another being Takeshi, discussing a rumor that the school is haunted.
Ao Oni game, all created by noprops ( pixiv / twitter ).
Added category : Blog posts Something to Say Write your opinions and questions!The game is currently in beta, and allows the character to play as Mika.No articles were found matching the criteria specified.Takuro edited by, insertAoOni 1 day ago, takuro edited by, insertAoOni 1 day ago.The mansion is haunted by an Oni identical to the one in the original games, except that he is red-colored instead.My fangame is called Kasshoku Oni, it's going to be more of a jokish game than a horror game.The four explore the school, becoming seperated and chased by a large, red oni during their search.Downloads and Video Playthroughs Videos : Playlist Downloads : Link Nira Oni Nira Oni is an English fangame that features the cast of the original game, along with two new ones.This list is not complete.Downloads and Video Playthroughs Videos : Link Downloads : Korean, Unofficial English Gon Oni Gon Oni is a Korean fan-made game featuring Hiroshi and three new characters named Hikaru (black hair Kyoko (blonde hair) and Yakasi (red hair).Downloads and Video Playthroughs Videos : Part 1 Downloads : Link King Oni 2: A New Proposal Information is to be written.KO, iT, eN, cH, gE, tH,.King Oni 3: The Oni's fm database editor 2013 Past Information is to be written.Earned the Making a Difference badge Awarded for making 1 edit on an article!What I've been.Contents show, releases, release Date, video Playthrough,.
Vampire Mika series The Vampire Mika series is a trilogy of Korean fangames that take place many years after the original Ao oni series.
The oni is similar to the one in the fangame Ao Oni.0, leaping over obstacles, but often leaps in different rooms other than the kitchen.