angry birds birthday party games

Maybe add chocolate sprinkles?
Write down the numbers on separate pieces of paper and place inside the eggs before hiding them. .
During the party divide kids into two teams and give them each a water balloon.
Make sure that the two scenes are almost identical.Photo courtesy of, venecccia via Etsy, or if you want to wavearts master restoration keygen mac go the hassle-free store-bought route, purchase some digital files on Etsy by venecccia, who will customize the text for you to bring to your local print shop.Capture the Egg, this game is played just like Capture the Flag - only the kids will try to capture the other teams eggs.Then each team steps back a foot and they toss the egg back to their partner. . I put them together and spray painted them brown, grey and blue (wood, stone and ice) to replicate the game! So these nest got really messy and melted together! There were SO many options and foods that can be used so I narrowed it down to two food items for each bird, one really unique and one more simple (shape and color).Teams try to capture the other teams "egg" and return it to their home base. .Use this great angry birds template we found (see link above) to make faces for regular or helium balloons. . I bought a bunch of kick balls and hand painted them all We had the blues. Then I built and stained some wood shelves to give height to the food.Each one is handmade to order and they are huge in size weighing in at 3-4 ounces each.This also happened to be the last day of school, so a double reason to celebrate!Coming in June is the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Board Game.Of course make sure you lay out all the rules like no Shooting towards someones face etc You know the drill.For the faces scale down the balloon template, trace onto paper and cut out. So when he showed up and saw it all he was SO excited.