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After having some fun on the beach with the others, Shu pays a battlefield bad company 2 multiplayer demo visit to the grave of his late father, Kurosu Ouma, the leading expert on the Apocalypse Virus before his untimely death amid the Lost Christmas incident.
She testifies that she saw an assassin the day of the massacre and verifies that Jeon was also at the scene.Comments For many episodes now, Ive wondered why Rin chose to be Wons friend when his life would have been much easier, not to mention safer if he had kept a healthy distance from the crown prince.Yu, the representative of Da'ath, offered to help them with their research, believing that the virus will start the Apocalypse.He will be sent to Jeolla Province.Acollection of Kalos records reveals that Aila Episode 47 - Till We Compete Again!When Minister Eun exits his office, Rin kneels down and confesses, We have committed an unforgivable crime against your family.Her life has been fraught with loss and he seemed intent on preserving her from further harm.The reunion is quickly disrupted by a group of people wearing red clothes and unusual eyewear, who are determined to get their hands on Bonnie?The group is attacked by Daryl and the Anti-Bodies, and both Shu and Hare end up seriously injured.Shu helps Ayase by extracting her Void, a pair of leg braces that allow her to rapidly skate over ground, jump with incredible power and even fly, allowing the both of them to defeat the disgruntled refugees.She shows them the Mega Stone she was searching for, reveals herself as Nurse Joy, and takes them to meet Professor Sycamore at thePokémon Center?Her thoughts are interrupted when Eunuch Choi announces that its time to testify.13 "Academy:Isolation" "Gakuen:Isolation" Isolation) Yoshihiro Mori Jin Haganeya January 19, 2012 19 Two weeks since the outbreak, GHQ has initiated a quarantine in the infected region called Loop 7, cutting off all forms of telecommunication within the area.Haruka manages to program a resonance broadcaster out of a radio tower, allowing Inori to sing her Egoist song through it to stop the outbreak and cure the infected.By using the power of his friends' Voids, Shu defeats Segai's Endlaves and kills Segai himself.