alchemy game full version

When the entire board has been changed to gold, you will proceed to the next level.
The rune must be placed directly adjacent to at least one other rune (either above, below, or to the left or right; runes located at a diagonal to the square have no meaning unless the board is totally blank.Hint on demand feature if you get stuck.Score range 0-399, cursed 400-699, bungler 700-999, dabbler, junior Apprentice, apprentice, senior Apprentice Prestidigitator Hedge Wizard Concoctionist Thaumaturge Transmuter Wizard 3rd class Wizard 2nd class Wizard 1st class Grand Wizard Alchemist 3rd class Alchemist 2nd class Alchemist 1st class Master crack nis 2012 protection Alchemist Grand Alchemist Supreme Alchemist.Your task is to produce them all.The object of the game is to turn a board of squares from Lead to Gold by placing randomly generated symbols called runes on every square.All new level backgrounds and mystery gems!Alchemy in real time!A skull and crossbones symbol will also occasionally appear in lieu of a rune.Hard starts at level 11 with four times the score.Evolve from bacteria to mammal.Rune placement, each play consists of a rune of a random color and shape being generated by the computer.