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In that case it pretends that the terminal emulator is bleach episode 198 sub indo vt100.
The bind command can be used to redefine the key bindings and to define new bindings.
C-a a (meta) Send the command character (C-a) to window.
When line-wrap is on, the second consecutive printable character output at the last column of a line will wrap to the start of the following line.Screendir Alternate socket directory.A user is removed from all groups the special value none is used for groupname.This is useful when your terminal wants to use XON/xoff flow control and you are running a program which wants to use S/Q for other purposes (i.e.Acldel username Disallow other user in this session.In shared windows the command will be repeated for each attached display.This command should affect the current window only.If the user issues the command writelock on he keeps the exclusive write permission while switching to other windows.Suncmd or some varieties of xterm).If the mode is set to pass, screen will relay all data to the attacher until the end of the transmission is reached.What is screen tearing?This capability will almost always be set to E3dm (E3p1dm on terminfo machines).This is done whenever screen is started without options, which should be often enough.You can use this command multiple times in your.screenrc to start various windows in different default directories, but the last chdir value will affect all the windows you create interactively.V is for all the vi users who use :set numbers - it toggles the left margin between column 9 and.
Z0 (str) Change width to 132 columns.
(keybindings) This command does something, but I can't remember what.