accent marks on windows keyboard

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Nota bene: If you install a non-English keyboard the letters on your actual keyboard (the hardware) will not necessarily indicate what letter is actually typed.Charts For specific languages (Alt key 3 digits is to left of accented letters; Alt key 4 digits is to the right) french 133 à (0224) 131 â (0226) 135 ç (0231) 130 é (0233) 138 è (0232) 136 ê (0234) 137 ë (0235) 140.You need to change the keyboard layout: Click Menu Preferences Keyboard Keyboard layouts tab click " sign at the bottom left scroll down and select "English (US, international with dead keys Add Highlight "English (US, international with dead keys click " to move "English (US.See Tip 1 on that page.The ALT key methods are shown in the charts below.You can read the in-depth instructions for Macintosh for more details.You can leave it set at all times, because program for running iso files it doesn't interfere with working din alternate bold font in English.Option key in conjunction with other keys to type Spanish characters (accented letters and punctuation symbols) in any Macintosh application.Dutch click here French translation by Charles: /creation-de-site/ or click here Copyright,.International Accent Marks and Diacriticals, aLT Key Codes Charts, hOME (with several other methods).Once there click on "Region and Language.".The best option is to install.It is free, and it is part of Windows How to install for Windows 10: Click Start Settings (from the windows icon at bottom left) Time Language On the left side, select Region language At the bottom right, select Additional date, time, regional settings.Á, hold down, aLT and type 160 or 0225.
How to use it: Hold down the Alt key (right or left) and press the letter with an accent.