1982 yamaha xt 125 cdi

So OK how comes the French guy sends me one?
Customers who bought the XT125 dual purpose 1982 (C) USA.D.I.I took the air filter off, there was alot of oil in there.It was running a little sluggish.Unit Assy no customer reviews found write a customer review write a customer review write a customer review for Yamaha.d.i.I have a2006 650 Prowler that is difficult to start, but once it does no problem.Hi Guys, I have a 1982 yamaha xt125 which is the biggest gremlin I have ever had, it originated in Switzerland and the cdi on it would start the bike easy enough but no advance on the timing, checked with strobe and wouldnt rev high.Unit Assy appears in these Xt125 Dual Purpose 1982 (c) Usa parts lists: top forum.On the third day of a hunt, while in four wheel drive it lost power and stumbled in en it corrected.Now the bike is having.If you want to discuss this.D.I.Unit assy, please go the forum and post a r questions about Yamaha Xt125 Dual Purpose 1982 (c) Usa, please write a message in the forum.Ask an Expert, Get an Answer asap!It's been leaking almost pouring oil.Top recently viewed top you are here: » home yamaha motorcycle xT125 xT125 dual purpose 1982 (C) USA.D.I.I think I over filled my Yamaha 650 vstar.I am willing to swap a pdf of the European workshop manual from yamaha for an US wiring plan showing kickstand switch and neutral switch or inf on how to bypass them.Gd Morning, My 98 EFI Ultra glide will not run, The fuel pump will not engage with the switch.Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute juegos para psp cso for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.The pump will work if I run direct power to it and the bike then runs, Check all the systems out.15E-85540-M0 is the manufacturercode.
XT125 dual purpose 1982 (C) USA.D.I.